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Ingersoll-Rand – INSIGHT “PFS2-G” DC Electric Torque Controller Repair

IR_INSIGHT_IC_PFS2G_046I recently acquired one of these Ingersoll-Rand – INSIGHT “PFS2-G” DC Electric Torque Controllers. I got the unit for $180 broken which was a steal as far as I’m concerned. These units cost around $13,000.00 new back in the day. (Late 90’s Early 2000)

I had to spend a significant amount of time repairing this unit, most of which was figuring out how the unit worked and the software/tools  I was going to need to do the Job.

Long Story Short…

I had to purchase an older Motherboard that was a Pull from a similar unit, and that had the Software still installed within the units memory chips. I Then had Download the data, Re-program a couple of EEPROM’s to get the software up and running again. Success !!

A nice little addition to my Electronics Lab!!   : )




You can Check out some more in depth details and photos of this repair on my Website at the Link below: