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M-SYSTEMS DiskOnChip Programming – Hardware & Software


For the past few months I have been working on a couple of projects involving Programming and interfacing the late 90’s era flash memory devices know as the DiskOnChip.  These devices were developed by the company M-SYSTEMS before they merged with Sandisk.

As many of you know these DiskOnChip components are essentially a Flash device that appears as a standard Hard drive by the connected PC system. (Hard drive Emulation).

This was made possible by M-SYSTEMS special “TrueFFS” software controller, which is essentially a custom Flash Management Algorithm that M-Systems developed and later Patented.

There are several methods of interfacing to these Flash devices for Programming and also booting off of…. to run an OS.  Many users have used either ISA Flash cards,  or SBC boards.  (Single Board Computers).


Since The M-SYSTEMS website has been shut down for some time now, many of the links online….. to various documents, or software for the DiskOnChip are no longer functional.  I also found that not many people knew much about them or those that do, were becoming few and far between.

I took it upon myself to create a page on my Website dedicated specifically for the DiskOnChip. I explain some of the basic requirements needed, in order to program these rare Flash devices.

I have posted several links to the many scattered M-SYSTEMS Applications Notes, User Manuals, schematic diagrams


and also links to various versions of the DOS based Programming Software/Drivers.


During my research, I managed to locate some library files from an Engineering “API” Software Package used with these DiskOnChip devices. The API package was referred to as the “BDK” or BOOT DEVELOPMENT KIT.
This allows you to develop and compile your own source code, into a custom stand alone .EXE or local Script to run some very specific DiskOnChip programming and configurations.
The .exe executable files were compiled using an early version of Borland C++ along with the API libraries. Pretty Cool!!

I have tons of info, pictures and download Links on this Page of mine.
Time permitting, I’ll try to include all that I’ve collected through my R&D work on these projects.  Some pretty neat findings.

Here is the Link to my Dedicated Page:

DiskOnChip Programming – Hardware & Software


Cheers! Folks,

Kind Regards,
Gerry O’Brien