My Tektronix TLA715 Logic Analyzer with the TLA7PG2 Pulse Waveform Generator

This weekend I repaired a TLA7PG2  pulse waveform generator module for my Tektronix TLA715 Logic Analyzer mainframe. I was able to repair the unit due to the fact that I had one working module. There was an ALTERA MAX 7000 CPLD that was damaged and I was able to use the good module to duplicate the CPLD. (Luckily the Security-bit was not set) I duplicated the data to a new component for re-work.




100_7548As you can see in the images above, I now have (x5) different modules inserted into my TLA Expansion Box that interfaces to my Tektronix TLA715 Logic Analyzer Portable Mainframe.
I have the following Modules installed:
– (x1) TLA7E2 (4ch Digital Oscilloscope)
– (x2) TLA7N4 – with Option 7 installed   (136 Channel Logic Analyzer Module)
– (x2) TLA7PG2  (64 Channel Pulse Generator Module) with P6470 TTL Logic interfacing PODs.
With this setup, using different Triggers and various Waveform Patterns, I’ll be able to execute some sophisticated Test Benches on different CPLD/ FPGA or Micro-controller projects I’m working on. I  can then monitor the results on the Dual VGA Monitors that are interfaced to the LA Mainframe.
Below you can see the Tektronix issued “Probe cable” that connects the PODs to the Pulse Generator Module. This cable has the Tektronix Model# 012-1570-00. The cable is often mistaken for a 50-Pin SCSI cable, which it is NOT!!  This happened so often that it is even stated in the Modules User & Service Manuals.
If you decide to build your own cable, The Tektronix issued cable is a 50-pin Male to Male 
“Mini-D Ribbon” connector cable.  Or also known as an “MDR” cable.  The company 3M has a Connector cable model# 10350 which has the appropriate Male connectors.
You can also purchase the Male 3M Solder Plug Connectors directly from at the link Below: 


100_7557100_7552 TLA7PG2_P6470_POD_04 TLA7PG2_P6470_POD_03 TLA7PG2_P6470_POD_02 TLA7PG2_P6470_POD_01




NGPC_DATABUS_TEST_2 Overall I’m pretty excited to mess around with this Setup…
More info on My Tektronix Logic Analyzer system at the Link Below:
Fun Stuff!!!  : )


2 thoughts on “My Tektronix TLA715 Logic Analyzer with the TLA7PG2 Pulse Waveform Generator”

  1. Thanks for your detailed description of the TLA7PG2 cable. I bought such a module and 4 probe a while ago, and finally soldered a cable according to your documentation. the only difference is that is used standard SCSI cable, where each signal pair is not extra shielded. So far it’s working well (but i made the cable only 3′ long). If it doesn’t i switch to extra shielded cable.

    1. Hi Sven,

      That’s great it helped you out.

      The shielding will of course only become an issue with differential signals.
      So if you’re using the P6470 for TTL scans…..then it shouldn’t become an issue.

      If you have some photos of your cable…I would love to check it out.

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